Author: Dana Jacoby

Company culture forms the core of your organization. And from driving performance excellence to forming stronger relationships with clients, culture is about more than your team’s bond. At Vector Medical Group, we know first-hand the importance of creating a strong organizational culture, and our experienced medical consultants can help you – and your practice’s physicians – become more proactive and engaged in your practice. Through a customized physician leadership training program, we can help you improve your company’s culture, team engagement, patient relationships, and overall performance.

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What Is Physician Leadership Training?

Creating your company culture is all about having strong leadership and relationship building skills. But sometimes, your practice’s culture isn’t where you want it to be. That’s where Vector Medical Group comes in. Our consultants specialize in assessing your practice’s culture and leadership models – and then determining the best direction for your organization. Our training is highly interactive, and focuses on:

  • Identifying cultural roadblocks
  • Providing extensive training to hardwire new leadership behaviors
  • Creating a long-term strategy to cultivate a culture of caring for your colleagues and patients

We offer two live training programs to empower physician leaders and physician CEOs to transform your practice. Ultimately, physician leadership training is about helping you build leadership competencies, such as emotional intelligence and self-awareness, that will create a stronger, more cohesive practice.

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Why Does My Practice Need Physician Leadership Training?

Every manager, leader, and CEO can benefit from leadership training. Leadership training is an ongoing process, and gives you the opportunity to help create the culture you want to see in your practice. Still, if you’re wondering if physician leadership training is right for your practice, here’s a couple of things to consider.

  • Mission And Values: You want to ensure your current services, programs, and procedures align with your mission and values statement. If you feel that your current mission statement is not an adequate reflection of your practice’s current work efforts, then physician leadership training can help you align your mission and actions.
  • Vision: Does your organization’s leadership have a collective vision and key objectives for the next one, three, and five years? If you feel that your practice lacks direction and definite goals, physician leadership training is a key component of developing and implementing those objectives.
  • Culture: Once you’ve defined your core values, you’ll want to ensure there are no breakdowns in any of these values, at any level of leadership. If you find that some level of disconnect is causing frustration or conclusion in your organization, it’s a sign that your medical practice leadership could benefit from ongoing leadership training.
  • Leadership: What specific behaviors and skills should your medical practice leadership demonstrate? What accountability measures are in place to ensure these standards are observed? If you’re unable to define these skills or measures – or elaborate upon how these skills will be “lived out” on a daily basis, leadership training might be right for your practice.

When you partner with Vector Medical Group for physician leadership training, you’re getting over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We leverage our expertise to provide relevant and highly effective leadership training – and we’re proud to partner with your practice to evaluate your mission, vision, culture, and leadership.

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Physician Leadership Training With Vector Medical Group

At Vector Medical Group, we recognize that each practice is unique, and so our approach is tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. We leverage a range of assessment tools and coaching strategies to help you define and implement your practice’s culture, including:

  • Physician leadership self-assessment
  • Group culture and collaboration self-assessment
  • Care team leadership & management support
  • Archetypes of successful physician leaders & lessons
  • Targeted strategies to streamline operations and efficiencies
  • Procedures to improve communication between providers, staff, and patients

When you partner with Vector Medical Group, you’re partnering with an industry-leading healthcare consulting group. And we’re excited to bring our leadership training program to your practice, helping you improve your company’s culture, team engagement, patient relationships, and overall performance.

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