VMG Physician Leadership Excellence Program™

“The culture of a medical practice is the sum of all its people and personalities. Physicians, staff and patients are all responsible for the creation or breakdown of that culture.” 

For better or worse, leaders’ behaviors dictate the company culture. Company culture affects much more than the team’s bond. Evidence demonstrates that cultural excellence drives performance excellence, resulting in stronger relationships with clients, improved patient experiences, and physicians becoming more proactive and engaged in their practice. We offer two live training programs to empower physician CEOs and physician leaders to transform their practice:

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Physician Leadership Consulting & Training Program

Vector Medical Group specializes in assessing your practice’s current culture and physician leadership models. Our highly interactive training and consulting model focuses on identifying cultural roadblocks, providing extensive training to hardwire new leadership behaviors, and creating a long-term strategy to cultivate a culture of caring for your colleagues and patients.

Vector’s assessments and trainings are unique with a primary focus on practice growth, care team leadership and best practice sharing. Other programs run by large institutions or academic centers train physicians to be managers, to run large hospitals or comply with regulations and billing procedures. Vector’s PEPs and BIPs were developed with physician leaders and care teams in mind. The PEP and BIP programs are entrepreneurial and focus on topics relevant to physician leadership, particularly around private practice, private equity backed, and entrepreneurial physician ventures.

Our Process:

Every physician group is different, and our approach is tailored to each company’s needs and goals. We use a variety of assessments, coaching strategies, and training tools to begin your journey of culture transformation, including:

  • Physician Leadership Self-assessment
  • Group Culture/Collaboration Self-assessment
  • Care Team Leadership & Management Support
  • Archetypes of Successful Physician Leaders & Lessons
  • Targeted strategies to streamline operations and efficiencies
  • Procedures to improve communication between providers, staff, and patients

Why Vector Medical Group?

We draw on over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to provide relevant and highly effective physician leadership training. Our background in medicine, finance, and strategy allows us to provide targeted support to improve your company’s culture, team engagement, patient relationships, and overall performance.

The state-of-the-art Vector Medical Leadership Training program and coursework can help to bring all of your leaders to a consistent level across your entire practice or organization.

Start transforming your practice’s culture and leadership behaviors today! Take our online survey to help our team understand your practice’s current state and how we can best support you.

Help our team understand your practice’s current state and how we can best support you.

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