Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Deciding to sell or merge your medical practice is a big decision. Whether you’re deciding if merging is right for you or you want to verify that you’re entering into a sound partnership, Vector Medical Group can help. With a strong background in both the financial and medical fields, our team is equipped to help you analyze potential partnerships, determine the right fit for your practice, and broker a deal that benefits both you and your future partner.

Should You Sell Your Medical Practice?

There’s no denying that market conditions are changing, and more practices than ever are wondering if merging is right for them. Vector Medical Group’s team of talented healthcare consultants will guide you through this critical decision by reviewing your financial, operational, and personal goals. We don’t pressure you into merging or staying independent – our final recommendations are based on your practice’s plan and your vision for the future. Whether you decide to stay independent, merge, or be acquired, we’ll put a strategy in place that’s tailored to meet your unique needs.

Merging Medical Practices

If you decide that a merger or acquisition is the right next step for your practice, Vector Medical Group will be by your side the entire way. Although every merger is different and we customize our services to your business, we often provide the following services during the merger process:

Deal Generation

We work alongside investors and healthcare providers to develop the right investment goals. Then, we’ll profile and screen potential partners that may be a good fit for your business.

Due Diligence

Vector Medical Group understands a thorough investigation and review of performance and marketplace are critical to the overall success of a new partnership. We take the due diligence process seriously and provide the level of attention needed to confirm all the facts for a successful transition. Our comprehensive due diligence checklist ensures we’ll examine your potential partner’s financial and strategic background as well as their cultural fit.

Portfolio Value Creation

Signing the papers is just the beginning – once a merger or acquisition is finalized, most partnerships need support in streamlining their operations. Immediately post-acquisition, we develop a strategic blueprint that aligns management with strategic priorities and focused initiatives. During the ownership phase, we help increase the value of portfolio companies by refreshing value creation plans and supporting revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives. In addition, we support turnarounds of under-performing, capital-constrained healthcare entities with the aim of preserving shareholder equity.

Exit Planning

We help ensure investors maximize returns by preparing for an exit well in advance. In addition to identifying the optimal exit strategy, we make sure you and your team are aware of the short and long-term impact.

Download The Merger & Acquisition Roadmap

Why Vector Medical Group?

With over two decades of experience in the healthcare, investment, and finance fields, we help investors and practitioners see the big picture. By providing the latest industry trends and forecasts and discussing your roadmap to success, we’ll help you decide if a merger or acquisition is right for your business. No matter what direction you choose, we’ll work alongside you to develop a short and long-term strategy for financial and operational success.

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Start your practice’s new chapter today by taking our online survey.

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