The healthcare revolution is here. Expectations have changed and the years of “business as usual” are behind us.

If you’re like many healthcare leaders of a hospital or physician group, you’re looking for a roadmap to navigate the murky waters of change.

As strategic healthcare consulting advisors, we bring expertise from managing the transitions of some of the largest physician groups and hospitals.

We recognize that every upheaval brings great opportunity.

Even among the chaos of this healthcare revolution, a new  opportunity emerges – that of private investors and changing regulations both at the same time.

We Understand You May Have Concerns about Investors in Healthcare

You may have mixed, or even negative feelings. That’s understandable when you consider its newness to the healthcare industry, that it often brings more disruption, and often a less than optimal return on investment.

We recognize that there are uneven experiences with private investors in the healthcare space. Transition isn’t always easy. We also recognize there are concerns with the reputation of private investors as being more concerned with profits than people.

Here at Vector Medical, we’re aware of those concerns, face them head on and provide clear direction on how to navigate the ever changing healthcare industry.

Bridging the Gap

We aim to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and investor lenders while providing excellent healthcare to patients.

Our personal experience on both the investor side, as intermediaries as well as the healthcare provider side, we’re in a unique position to provide strategic guidance and evaluate opportunities bringing both sides together in a way that guarantees value for all stakeholders.

Your role is continuing to serve your patients to the best of your ability. We’ll help you.

Our Commitment:

  • We are specialists who know this market intimately.
  • We build bridges by creating mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • We help investors reach their goals and increase returns.
  • We help providers transition to a new normal in an authentic way.
  • We are in this with you, from the beginning to the end.
  • We strive for improved healthcare for patients, practitioners and investors.
  • We protect value however you define it.

If you’d like to discuss the best way to incorporate private investment into your hospital or medical practice, please contact us.