By Dana Jacoby

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic raised the number of hospital admissions, while worker infections reduced the labor supply. Long shifts and stress from the pandemic have also resulted in difficulties with mental health and provider burnout. These factors have led to a staffing crisis that we have never seen before.

The healthcare staffing shortage may also have a domino effect, as the remaining workers must provide patient care with fewer resources. In addition, nursing shortages, according to hospital administrators, make it difficult to adequately support and mentor new nurses, resulting in decreased job satisfaction and burnout, exacerbating the problem.

These challenges in the medical labor market will likely remain over the next 5-10 years. Some influential groups affected will be nurses, lower-wage healthcare occupations, and primary care physicians.

Healthcare systems and institutions are restricting non-essential treatments or engagement with nurse staffing businesses and travel nursing agencies in response to the short-term labor supply concerns. Similarly, policymakers are thinking about intervening. For example, the Biden administration declared that the military had sent physicians, nurses, medics, and other medical workers to cover critical staff shortages.

What Your Healthcare Facility Can Do

Offer Incentives

Hospitals can help improve their recruitment efforts by offering student loan reimbursements and referral bonuses. These incentives attract more qualified candidates to apply for open positions.

Student loan reimbursement programs can offset some of the cost of education for potential employees, making it more affordable for them to enter the healthcare field. In addition, referral bonuses can provide an extra financial incentive for current employees to refer qualified friends or family members to open positions.

Use a Medical Staffing Company

Using a recruiting company to address the healthcare staffing shortage is an excellent solution if you’re looking for qualified candidates for your healthcare facility. There are many reasons to use a staffing company to find qualified recruits. For one, staffing companies can access a large pool of potential candidates.

Staffing companies can also provide you with access to various resources, including job boards and resume databases. In addition, they can often offer you discounts on background checks and other screening services

Remote Flexibility

To attract and retain top talent in the healthcare industry, you must offer remote flexibility to your employees. With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it is more important than ever for employees to have the ability to work remotely.

Offering remote flexibility shows that you value your employees’ time and commitment and are willing to work with them to accommodate their needs. It also allows your employees to have a better work/life balance.

Your facility can survive and thrive in the midst of the healthcare staffing shortage by considering the above factors. If you need help evolving your medical facility, don’t hesitate to contact our expert medical consultants for assistance.